Hamza Ben

Travel Enthusiast
Adventure Seeker


  • Founder of Beacherpa.
  • Passionate about travel and beach destinations.
  • An enthusiastic writer specializing in beach cultures and coastal retreats.


I am the founder of BeachBoundBliss, a travel enthusiast who’s dedicated to exploring and sharing the world's most enchanting beach destinations. I'm on a journey to guide you to your perfect seaside escape, where the wonders of sun-kissed shores and serene landscapes await.

I'm committed to providing the best content on beach travels and coastal cultures. My articles are thoughtfully composed, frequently updated and enriched with information from environmental studies and cultural research. I ensure that every article I publish is rich in accurate and insightful information.

Understanding the significance of authenticity in the travel lifestyle, I conduct in-depth research and study various cultural sources to provide you with reliable information and inspire you to embark on your own beach adventures.

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