What’s The Best Time To Book A Flight? Tips To Get The Best Deals

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When to buy plane tickets

Have you ever asked yourself, “When to buy plane tickets? You’re not alone in this pursuit of the golden ticket. The truth? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But don’t worry! We’re here to arm you with insider tips and tricks to navigate the ever-changing airline landscape. As a general rule of thumb, for international travel, aim to book your flight 3 to 6 months in advance, while for domestic travel, booking 2 to 4 weeks in advance can result in good savings. Also, flying midweek often guarantees lower fares for domestic and international travel.

In this friendly chat, we’ll explore the mysteries of airline pricing and why those numbers on your screen keep bouncing around like a ping-pong ball. So buckle up and prepare to take off on a journey to master the art of booking cheap and fast flights.

Why do airline ticket prices vary?

Ever wondered why the price of your vacation flight seems to jump around more than a trampoline? Well, Airline ticket prices are as unpredictable as weather forecasts, and there’s a whole science (or art, depending on who you ask) behind it. Let’s dive into the reasons behind these fluctuations and share some wisdom on when to grab those tickets for the best deal.

The factors at play

Airline ticket prices are a classic case of supply and demand at work. When more people want to fly to a destination, prices tend to rise. Conversely, when a destination is in its off-season, prices can be more attractive than a sale at your favorite store.

  • Seasonality and holidays: Ticket prices increase during peak travel seasons and holidays. Planning a Christmas vacation? So is everyone else!
  • Events: Major events can cause a spike in demand. Whether it’s a major sporting event or a global conference, prices skyrocket as fans and attendees rush to book their flights.
  • Fuel costs: Airlines have to keep an eye on fuel prices, just like we keep an eye on gas prices. When fuel prices rise, so do ticket prices.
  • Competition: The number of airlines flying your route can also affect prices. More competition usually means better prices for you.
  • Last-minute bookings and flash sales: Airlines love to play the game of supply and demand. They may drop prices in a flash sale to fill empty seats or raise them for last-minute bookers who are desperate to get to their destination.

Sources like Forbes and AFAR have dug deep into this dynamic, revealing the complicated factors that determine ticket prices.

Booking Sweet Spot

Now for the golden question: When should you book to hit the jackpot on ticket prices? 

  • General guidelines: For international flights, aim for a window of 3 to 6 months before your departure. For domestic flights, 2 to 4 weeks may be your sweet spot. Articles from The Points Guy and Travel + Leisure back up these timelines with data and analysis.
  • The trade-off: Booking too early could mean missing out on potential price drops, but waiting too long could mean paying a premium for procrastination. It’s all about finding the perfect timing, which unfortunately is not an exact science.
  • Exceptions to the rule: If you’re targeting a popular destination during peak season or around a major event, it’s wise to book even earlier. On the other hand, if your travel dates are flexible and you’re visiting a less popular spot, playing the waiting game can sometimes work in your favor.

In the end, getting the best deal on flights is a mix of strategy, timing and a little luck. Keep these factors and guidelines in mind, and you’ll be better equipped to book your next flight at a price that makes your wallet happy. 

Is There a Day That’s Cheaper Than Others to Book a Flight?

When to buy plane tickets

The question that’s been the subject of countless debates, blog posts, and even dinner table conversations: Is there really a magic day to book flights that will save you big bucks? Let’s separate fact from fiction and dig into what we know.

Myth vs. reality

The idea that there’s a single best day to book flights is more myth than reality. Prices fluctuate based on a cocktail of factors, including destination, route, and airline. So while your friend might get a great deal on their beach trip on a Tuesday, you might find your city break flight cheaper on a Thursday.

The evidence speaks for itself

Contrary to popular belief, no universal “cheapest day” is set in stone. However, certain trends suggest a range of days – Tuesday through Thursday, or even Saturday – where you might find lower prices. This insight isn’t pulled out of thin air but is backed by data-driven articles from Google. This evidence shows that while there’s no magic day, there is a magic window where deals tend to pop up more frequently.

How to find your best day

So how do you play this game of booking bingo? Here are a few tips to help you find the best day to book your flight:

  • Use price comparison tools: The digital age has blessed us with tools that do the heavy lifting for us. Use them to compare prices across days and airlines.
  • Set up alerts: Let technology be your ally. Set up price alerts for your desired route and have your chosen app ping you when prices drop.
  • Be flexible: If your schedule allows, being flexible with your travel dates can result in savings. Sometimes flying a day earlier or later than planned can make a noticeable difference in price.

When is the best time to book a flight?

When to buy plane tickets

We’ve got the lowdown on the best times to book, whether you’re looking for an international or domestic flight.

Best times to book international flights

The rule of thumb when it comes to international flights? Plan ahead, but not too far ahead. The ideal booking window varies greatly depending on your origin, destination, and passport.

  • Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond: Booking international flights can vary widely by region. According to CheapAir.com, flights to Europe may be cheapest 1.5 to 10 months in advance, while deals to Asia may appear 4.5 to 10 months before your trip. Africa and other long-haul destinations often require even more lead time, sometimes up to 2.5 to 10 months before your travel dates.
  • Tips for international bookings: Before you click “buy,” check visa requirements and currency exchange rates. These factors can have a significant impact on your budget and travel plans. Also, keep an eye on travel advisories for your destination.

Best time to book domestic flights

When it comes to domestic flights, the game changes. It’s more about the specifics of your origin and destination cities and the distance between them.

  • Short-haul, long-haul, regional: The best time to book can vary. According to CheapAir.com, for shorter trips, you may find the best deals 1 to 3 months in advance. Long-haul domestic flights may require a little more planning, with the best prices appearing 2 to 3 months before your departure. Regional flights have a little more flexibility, but sticking to the 1-3 month window is a safe bet.
  • Domestic booking tips: Don’t forget to consider alternative airports and low-cost carriers. Sometimes flying out of a smaller airport or booking with a budget airline can save you a significant amount of money. Also, exploring connecting flights instead of direct routes can offer surprising savings.

Tips for Getting Cheap and Best Flights

When to buy plane tickets

With the right strategies, you can hit the jackpot more often than not in getting the cheapest flights. Here’s how to save big and fly smart:

Use loyalty programs 

These are your golden tickets to savings and rewards. By sticking with one airline or alliance, you can earn points or miles that translate into free or discounted flights, upgrades, and other travel perks like free checked bags.

Coupons and Cash Back Sites

Coupons: Keep an eye out for promo codes and coupons that can reduce the price of your ticket. Airlines and travel booking sites often offer these during sales events or to their newsletter subscribers.

Cashback sites: By booking flights through cashback sites, you can get a percentage of your purchase back. Over time, this can add up to significant savings.

Watch for limitations

While these strategies can save you money, be aware of potential pitfalls:

Blackout dates: Some rewards or discounts can’t be used during peak travel times.

Fees and expiration dates: Points and miles can expire, and some rewards come with fees that can eat into your savings.

Do last-minute flight prices go down?

The idea of getting a last-minute deal on a flight is both appealing and risky. Let’s explore the possibilities and pitfalls:

When prices drop

Last-minute deals can indeed occur due to cancellations, overbooking or low occupancy. Forbes and AFAR have documented instances of airlines slashing prices to fill planes. If you’re flexible and willing to gamble, you may be able to score a deal.

When prices spike

Waiting until the last minute, however, can backfire, especially during periods of high demand, limited availability, or peak season. Google report confirms that prices tend to rise as the flight date approaches since the airline has leverage over last-minute travelers who need to fly no matter what.


Equipped with these insights, you’ll be better prepared to find the best deals and lowest prices for your travel plans. Don’t hesitate to use the tips and tools we’ve discussed.

We’d love to hear about your travel booking successes and any smart strategies you’ve discovered along the way. Share your feedback or experiences in the comments section below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track the price changes of a flight?

You can use price comparison tools, such as Google Flights, Skyscanner, or Kayak, to track the price changes of a flight, and set up alerts or notifications to get the best deals.

How can I find the cheapest flights for a specific destination?

You can use flexible search options, such as “anywhere” or “cheapest month”, to find the cheapest flights for a specific destination, or use tools like Hopper or Airfarewatchdog to get recommendations and predictions.

How can I avoid hidden fees or extra charges when booking a flight?

You can avoid hidden fees or extra charges when booking a flight by reading the fine print, comparing the total price, and choosing the right payment method, or by using tools like Scott’s Cheap Flights or Dollar Flight Club to get transparent and honest deals.

How can I change or cancel my flight without paying a penalty?

You can change or cancel your flight without paying a penalty by booking with a flexible or refundable fare, or by taking advantage of the 24-hour cancellation policy, or by using tools like Freebird or AirHelp to get protection and compensation.

How can I get upgraded to a better seat or class when booking a flight?

You can get upgraded to a better seat or class when booking a flight by using loyalty programs, credit cards, or coupons, or by bidding or asking for an upgrade, or by using tools like SeatGuru or ExpertFlyer to find the best seats and availability.

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