Zara Chad

Travel Enthusiast
Marketing Expert


  • Co-founder of Beacherpa.
  • Passionate about travel and diverse cultures.
  • A skilled communicator with a talent for making difficult travel information accessible and captivating for our audience.


I'm the co-founder of Beacherpa, a marketing expert and travel enthusiast.

My passion lies in travel and cultural exploration, areas that continually inspire me, fueling my desire to dig further into the travel industry. Combining this drive with my marketing know-how, I aim to create powerful, travel-focused content that resonates with our readers.

I've refined my marketing skills thanks to a master's degree and significant experience in the field. This mix of academic and practical experience enables me to engage effectively with a variety of audiences.

Beyond managing social media platforms, writing detailed and insightful blog posts is close to my heart, as it keeps me in touch with online communities and up-to-date with the latest trends in digital communication. I also bring a solid foundation in graphic design.

At Beacherpa, I supervise our team of graphic designers and lead our efforts to produce visually attractive and informative content. Our mission is to simplify travel and cultural information, making it appealing and accessible to our audience.

When I am not working, I find joy and relaxation in cooking and handcrafting. These hobbies are a creative escape for me, bringing a refreshing balance to my professional life.

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